Kennel Azart Ohoty  –  Азарт Oхоты

SHAMAN (VagajDolja Puma)

Shaman come from theShaman 04092016 far east of the West Siberian Laikas area of orign in Siberia.  Omsk.  He is after dogs with excellent treeing skills and has a long line of working dogs behind him.  Dogs used for harvesting of furbearing animals.  Shamans interest for treeing is very strong.

He has an excellent anatomi, temperament and will to work.  Tested on bear in Russia at the age of 7 months.  His very first encounter with a moose in Norway ended up with a kick and injury over his left eye, but despite of that he has continued to bark moose.

He has a huge interest in forest birds as well as other furbearing animals.  I have to say that I have not owned many male West Siberian Laikas that has followed a flying capercallie for as much as 700 meter, but Shaman has done that several times.

Searching:  Normally within 200 – 500 meter, but he can go much further.  For the moment 1000 meter is the longest while searching.

He has followed a running moose for between 4,5 and 5 km, but sadly the moose in our area don’t stop that easy when followed by a dog, something that make it very difficult to judge whether he’s ready for a moose trial or not.

Marten he has tracked and treed up to 1,5 km for the time being. I would say that Shaman is well within the normal standard for a West Siberian Laika male his age, and a very promising young dog.

Shaman 082016


Shaman profil

snapshot_005At the age of 1 year and 10 months Shaman performed his first single work on free living wild boar.  A male boar with estimated weight 120 kg.