Kennel Azart Ohoty  –  Азарт Oхоты


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Harta treeing

Harta is a female coming from Novovsibirsk in Russia and she’s rated in 1 breeding class.  A versatile female, brave and beautiful.  Excellent anatomi and temperament.  Harta if after dogs with strong treeing skills as well as brave dogs.  Treeing skills and bear is represented on both sides according to Azart Ohoty kennel’s criterias for qualities in breeding dogs.

Both of Harta’s parents are used for fur hunting in Siberia, as well as all of her ancestors.  Dogs that has to perform and produce fur in order to maintain a reliable economy for their owners.  Harta is built like most West Siberian Laikas in her area of orign, meaning light weight and good anatomi for fast and enduring movements through the forest.

Her hunting skills are excellent, and her first autumn with Azart Ohoty kennel she has barked moose, deer, bird, badger and of course small furbearers.  Her working moral is being highly appreciated despite of an unusually warm and humid autumn.  It’s full speed all the time and an outstanding ability to find game.

Searching:  Normally within 200-500 meter in good circles, something that correspond well with the points awarded on her field trial in Altai (7 points). This will continue to improve as she grow older and gain more experience.

Hunt well alone and with other dogs.

Field trial results           Russian database