Kennel Azart Ohoty  –  Азарт Oхоты

Aza (2 x Ch Agan and Purga)Aza7

Aza is a very versatile female that work with anything from bear and boar to birds, marten and squirrels.  Excellent anatomi and has shown excellent searching.  Far and wide, something that also reflect on her field trial results.  The less game in the area the bigger her searching become.  Sometimes as far out as 1,5-2 km.  In addition to having a good radius on her search rounds the average speed is high.  Hot, humid, rain, cold…she will keep up the speed because of a wood working moral.

Her diplomas are versatile as well as the diplomas on her ancestors.  Her father’s side are from Belarus and is dominated by wild boar and bear.  Aza’s mother Purga on the other hand, is from the Yamal Pennisula (Yamalo Nenet) in North west Siberia.  Here the use of dog’s are dominated by fur hunting as well as forest bird and bear.  Trial results in the pedigree on her mothers side is naturally dominated by capercallie, marten and squirrel, but also bear.  Treeing skills and bravery.  This give Aza a well balanced genetic heritage of dangerous big game and small game.


Aza took part in the Fiinish bird competotion Koppelohaukkut as the only Laika amongst Finnish Spitz’ and Norrbottenspitz’ with results from Winner class and Champions.  Aza ended up with a 3 diploma under difficult conditions with few birds and unusual hot weather conditions.  Her result placed her as number 10 amongst 52 dogs.  A respectable result.  The next day she obtained her 2 diploma on bird with 60 points.

On bear she surprised us a lot the first time she was tested in Russia, by biting the bear.  Such an aggression we where not prepared for.  Bites are given in the right time, when the bear is moved, showing that she has the ability to charge and try to stop a bear that try to run away, from behind.  Not many Laikas will do this without proper training, but in Aza it came without any form of training.snapshot_006

Aza will also apport game on water, and she loves to swim.  Instead of running around small lakes if something catches her interest on the other side, she will jump into the lake and swim across.

At home Aza is without leash and very obedient.  This without any form of obedience training.

Aza has had one litter with FIN & N CH Ice, resulting in 7 puppies.  4 males and 3 females born in March 2015.  Moose was shot for one male (Azart Ohoty Shurgan) at the age of 5 months working together with a 1,5 year old dog and another one (Azart Ohoty Shaman) worked and gained a moose at the age of 6 months, alone.  Shaman also have several dozen minks attached to his name.  He has developed into a highly skilled mink hunter on the islands outside of Vasa in Finland.


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