Kennel Azart Ohoty  –  Азарт Oхоты

Our breeding philosophy

New as of June 1. 2016:  FINCH NCH Ice has been promised for two females this summer, but after that we have decided that none of our males, belonging to Azart Ohoty kennel and Gleizz kennel, will be available for any female outside the kennel.  We will only use them for own females.  Only females from our own breeding will still have this possibility if they possess the right documented qualities.

The kennel has as a goal to breed healthy dogs with an excellent exterior and strong hunting instict.

The anatomy is to us very important, since that represent the dog’s ability to move fast through the forest, using as little energy as possible enabling it to hunt for a long period of time.

Our general impression by looking at breeding through more than 30 years in Scandinavia, is that often one thing is sacretfised in favour of the other. Some don’t take hunting abilities serious and only look at the exteriour. Others feel the need to strengthen the hunting abilities and don’t look that much on the exteriour.

Both are wrong, and one can not choose one over the other. The two things go hand in hand, and together create the well functioning hunting individual.

That must be the goal of any responible breeder caring for the future of the West Siberian Laika.

There are a few factors we see as important and that any dog, male or female, should posess before even concidering them as a sire or dam to any litter. These factors go together:

  • Healthy anatomy
  • Excellent temperament
  • Strong versatile hunting instincts

Let us explain what we put into these factors, and why they are so important.

Healthy anatomy:

As said above, it’s this feature that will drive the hunting dog forward and enable it to move easilly through the forest without using a lot of energy.

Poor angulations either in the front or back will limit this posabillity and lead to the dog not beeing able to endure long hunts. For a weekend hunter that hunt a few days every week maximum, it’s not so important, but what is going on here is not to be set as the standard for the breed. We must look at the orign of the breed and set our standards according to that. At least that is what Kennel Azart Ohoty aim to do, and it goes as a red line through everything done.

In the page about the exteriour of the West Siberian Laika we will show in detail what is the idea behind this and include pictures explaining what we mean.

Excellent temperament:

Easy. All dogs we use for breeding are kind to people and there is a zero tolerance for any form of agression and fearful behaviour.

Strong versatile hunting instincts:

The West Siberian Laika is not a breed ment for one kind of game. It’s a versatile dog that hunt everything allowing a dog to bark at it. The individual hunter can support some spesific way of hunting, but breeding can not be directed to one side or the other – the whole specter of the West Siberian Laikas abilities must be concidered.

We have our hunting interests, but as breeders we still try to document the individual skills necessary according to the standard set a long time ago. It takes work. A lot of work, but if one plan to sell puppies, every breeder owes it to the ones buying a puppy to show that the versatile skills of a West Siberian Laika has been tested as far as possible.

The most important factors we look for in breeding dogs are:

  • Ability to find game
  • Desire to work
  • Bravery

The ability to find game is a vital part of the breed. This show how sharp the dog’s senses are and how well they use them. The only posabillity to know how good these senses are and how well the individual use them, are to look at trials on small game like bird, marten and squirrel.

These spieces are small and they are very good at hiding. The dog need sharp senses to locate them and they need to show they are able to keep the focus when following them.

Ability to find big game we don’t see as a criterion. A big animal the dogs easily locate by smell and a dog have no problem following one that is running away. There is no need for sharp senses, but persistence.

The question is how many generations that can pass, where the ability to find game is not considered, before it weakens and gradually fade away. The kennel sees this as a necessarity and it has prioroty.

Desire to work can be seen in many ways. One of course is to look at the dog’s ability to bark and follow game, but there is also the posabillity to look at how a dog work in the forest without any game contact at all and how fast it is willing to continue working under these circumstances.

Bravery is measured on bear. No other game can provide such documentation. Documentation based on tests against bears in a fence are not considered of course. These along with mechanical bears of any kind are hillarious methods to use if an individual is to be considered for breeding.

Face to face – no physical barrier in between. The risk must be intact to see what the dog is made out of.

The kennel follows the Russian tradition of selecting breeding individuals, hat seem to work well and has done so for a long time. Our breeding is based on imported dogs from Russia, Belarus and Baltic countries with the nescessary documentation according to what is mentioned above.

It’s important to remember that breeding is not supposed to be based on the skills of one individual dog, but the whole pedigree must be taken to account.

Good skills will come if both parents have it, as well as their ancestors.


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