Kennel Azart Ohoty  –  Азарт Oхоты

The people behind the dogs presented here are Irina Viljas from Ypäjä in Finland and Eirik Krogstad from Grinder in Norway. A well-functioning Finnish – Norwegian co-operation.

We are members of the Finnish Laika Club, but we work independently since we possess the skills, contacts (in Russia) and dogs. All our work is based on the traditional Russian way of hunting and breeding of West Siberian Laikas.

The kennel own eight dogs. Seven West Siberian Laikas and one East Siberian Laika. All of them imported.

Both of us are judges on birdtrials for barking dogs in Finland. Irina is also a judge for moose and bear in Finland.

Irina is the one with the language skills and speak Russian fluently. Her connections to Russia has proven so valuable, and has been vital for successful imports, often from far inside of Russia.

Through Irina it’s possible to stay in contact with Russian expertise on Laikas, to expand this network further and learn more about this magnificent breed. No one knows the Laika breeds better than the Russians, and first hand information is collected and used.

She also have a huge interest in activities with the dogs, such as field trials and dog shows. A necessary work when breeding hunting dogs. Her skills as a dog handler are very valuable when showing a beautiful individual in a show ring.

Me, Eirik. I am the hunter. I have had hunting spitz’ since the early 1990’s and has hunted most spices available with my dogs. The main reason why I started with Laikas was the need for a bigger dog than Finnish Spitz during winter, and that still possessed the skills for barking birds and small fur bearing animals as well as bigger game.

A lot of research led me to the Laika breeds and in the mid 90’s I bought my first Laika. A male that never really became anything. A few years later I bought another Laika male from Finland. This one was much better.

I have had all of the Laika breeds, but it was first in 2012 when FIN CH Ice came, that I realized the true potential of these dogs. When the progress continued with female Aza, showing the same good versatile hunting skills, I was convinced… Only Russian imported dogs possessed the hunting skills I needed.

Big game, small game, treeing, ground work… doesn’t matter. The dogs handle it all.

In the summer of 2014 and autumn of 2015 Irina and I visited Russia. Trips to remember and the chance to meet skilled Laika people and learn from them. It was interesting to spend time with hunters that have been hunting Laikas for a long time, and to learn that they share the same ideas about the use of dogs and ideas around breeding, as we do.

Versatility, versatility, versatility. The Laika will work on all kinds of game and they possess the skills to be able to do so. Just let the dog develop and it will all come, if it has what it takes.

We also plan to take the dogs to trials for free-living game in Russia, such as marten, squirrel and birds. In Finland the dogs are taken to moose and bird trials and also bird trials in Norway.

Why only imported dogs? Easy…it works. Not a few dogs in each litter, but most of the time the whole litter.


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